5 Roles of a Clinical Supervisor

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photo of conference room - 5 roles of the clinical supervisor

If you’re a social worker who is on a path towards licensure, you’re likely engaging in clinical supervision. 

Clinical supervision is a requirement for becoming a licensed clinical social worker and many provisionally licensed social workers look forward to making the most our of their time in clinical supervision.

The clinical supervisor and the supervisee develop a strong rapport and face many challenges and victories along the way.

What exactly does a clinical supervisor do?

An LCSW clinical supervisor does many things. However, there are five roles that a good clinical supervisor should play.

1- Teacher

A clinical supervisor acts as a teacher, providing an in-depth learning experience for the supervisee. 

That’s right…the learning doesn’t end just because you’ve finished grad school!

A clinical supervisor will provide you with one-on-one instruction and will help you with your continuing education.

2- Coach

Your LCSW clinical supervisor is your biggest supporter.

They’re there to cheer you on, give you pep talks, and encourage you toward the finish line.

3- Mentor

A clinical supervisor comes alongside you to gently provide guidance while also serving as a role model.

4- Adviser/Consultant

One of the most important roles of the clinical supervisor, is that of consultant.

When you are a provisionally licensed clinical social worker (sometimes PLCSW or LCSWA), you’ll often run into difficult or complex cases.

It’s normal to question your judgment or feel at a loss for how to help your client.

Your clinical supervisor will step in and help you resolve any difficulties you may be having with a particular case.

5. Assessor

This may be a little scary for some supervisees, but clinical supervisors also serve as assessors of your skills.

Clinical supervisors evaluate your skills, and point out both where you excel and where you could use some improvement. 

That being said, a good clinical supervisor won’t make you feel inadequate.

As you can see, clinical supervisors serve in many capacities and roles. Are there other roles that a clinical supervisor plays for you?

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